Food Memory

Vanilla Gelato – Guest Post with Karen’s Kitchen Stories #FoodMemory

April 23, 2014
Vanilla Gelato | Cake Duchess

It’s been so wonderful to share these #FoodMemory stories with my readers. Each friend that has participated is talented in so many different ways. We all share a common bond that is a love of food. It’s been incredible reading the stories that have been shared with me for this #FoodMemory series. Losing my father […]

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Korean Steamed Eggs -Guest Post with Hip Foodie Mom #FoodMemory

February 5, 2014
Korean Steamed Eggs

As I mentioned at the beginning of my #FoodMemory series, I never know exactly what to expect when I receive the stories from my guest posters. I have reached out to some really talented blogging friends of mine. On a side note, If you are wondering what in the world Korean Steamed Eggs is doing on […]

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Orange Cranberry Ginger Chocolate Muffins- #FoodMemory Guest Post with Gotta Get Baked

January 22, 2014
orange cranberry chocolate ginger muffins| @cakeduchess

Writing my blog has become to me more than just a baking blog. I sometimes have shared what is going on with my life and my feelings. Sometimes my friends have been a part my blog and have shared a little of their lives and a story. If you’ve been following me this past year, […]

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Cuccidati-Sicilian Fig Cookies – #foodmemory

December 27, 2013
Cuccidati Sicilian Fig Cookies|cakeduchess

There are many cookies we like to bake here at Christmas time. There is one that is my most favorite: i cuccidati! They are Sicilian Christmas cookies also known as ‘buccellati’. “pinniculu pinnacula pinnia, s’un era pi pinniculu pinnaculu muria”. Part of a Sicilian proverb. The cuccidati have a long history and the filling ingredients […]

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Coconut Cake – #FoodMemory Guest Post with Magnolia Days

November 20, 2013
coconut cake

  I have to say I wasn’t sure what to expect from the posts and recipes my friends would share with me about their loved ones they lost. I knew the posts would have delicious recipes, because every blogger I’ve shared here so far is very talented. The stories left me in complete wonderment; a joyful wonderment. The wonderment of awaiting […]

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Sweet Brown Butter Cornbread- Food Memory Guest Post with Girlichef

November 13, 2013
sweet brown butter cornbread -girlichef

It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing on this little space online for almost 4 years. Many things have happened in my life since I started this blog. Of course my readers that have followed along or those that just recently found me know how special my dad was to me and how I have […]

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Shakshuka- #FoodMemory Guest Post with Food Wanderings

October 17, 2013

There are a plethora of blogging friends I’ve made through Cake Duchess these last few years. Each friend is talented in different ways. One thing we all share in common is our love of great food and some of us even love to share a little bit more than the food.  Some of my friends […]

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Brown Butter Apple Cinnamon Crumb Bars – Food Memory guest post- Vintage Kitchen Notes

October 9, 2013
brown butter apple cinnamon crumb bars-foodmemory

When I started to write a little about the loss of my dad, I had many friends reach out to me. I had people I didn’t even know share a little bit of stories about their loved ones they lost and how they still think about them. The kindness of everyone’s messages touched me and were appreciated …

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