Wordless Tuesday- NYC Green Market












I was going to originally make this a Wordless Wednesday post but thought why not post it on a Tuesday instead.;) This past weekend we had the opportunity to spend some time in New York City with my family. I haven’t experienced real fall weather in years. It was such a treat to feel the cool and crisp air on the morning we were walking to the Union Square green market in the East Village of NYC. The produce was incredible. Carrots and potatoes of every color you can imagine. Some colors I’ve never even seen here in Florida. There was amazing cheese to be sampled and freshly baked goods. Pumpkins were to be found on every angel of the market in every shape possible. I hope you enjoy some photos I took as I strolled around trying not to lose my family (it was packed with people!). I’ll be back on Thursday with a recipe. Do you have a post with photos of a green market? Link it up in your comment-I’d love to see it!

xo Lora

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