Poppy Seed Bagels-Tuesdays With Dorie

Today is World Bread Day and I’m excited to share some incredible bagels with you. I know there is nothing that compares to a fresh bagel in New York City.

These amazing bagels came pretty close in flavor and in texture. Heather at Heather’s Bytes is the hostess for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie. You can pop over to her blog to get the full recipe. poppy-seed-bagels-tuesdays-with-dorie-3

The recipe appears daunting, as it is another Baking with Julia recipe with an overnight rise. The actual recipe takes up three full pages in the book. It’s not a recipe to skim over. You have to read it very carefully and take your time. This ensures a richer flavor. There’s also the shaping and for what may seem scary for some bakers, the boiling. I had no problem with the boiling part. But no matter how big of a hole in the center I pulled apart, some just kept popping back together. So you see, some had adorable dimples and some did not. But it really didn’t matter because they were incredible. I just love poppy seeds. The last bread I made with them was my poppy seed challah and everyone loved it.  I did decide to leave a handful plain for the kids.

Tuesdays with Dorie participants do not publish the recipes on their blogs unless they are the hostess for the week. We would love you to buy the book, Baking with Julia,  and bake along with us! You can find the book here on Amazon. There is FREE worldwide shipping when you buy from The Book Depository.  Join us baking at Tuesdays with Dorie!

For you passionate bread bakers out there: if you bake a bread (quick or yeast)  with seeds, nuts and grains, come on over and link it up to us at Twelve Loaves.


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