Mango Jelly Roll-Guest Post


You know my mango tree is just exploding with heavy mangos. The tree is so full that the lower branches almost touch the ground. I didn’t even realize that I had some mango jam leftover from last mango season.

My hubby was kind enough to remind me that I needed get baking with it soon! My mom asked me to do a guest post a few weeks back. I thought it was time for me to use up the mango jam she made for us.
At the end of every mango season you can find all of us in our kitchen in one big sticky mango mess. My mom, Fabrizio, and I are peeling and slicing. Mom is stirring the pots with the mangoes and sugar. The kids are nearby sneaking mango slices. 😉 It’s become an end of summer tradition. 
It’s such a pleasure to be guest posting on my mom’s blog. She’s an amazing woman and she was my first cooking inspiration.  She still inspires me every day with her creativity in cooking and in baking. I owe my love of cooking to my sweet mom. She’s taught me invaluable lessons in the kitchen that I am now teaching to my children.
The jelly roll is a recipe that brings back many memories for me. You can hop on over to Food and Thrift to get the delicious recipe. I’ll be back shortly with another sweet recipe for you to try.:)

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