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This is my new favorite recipe. It’s not for you fabulous singles that are about to embark on a romantic first date. It’s topped with an abundance of delicious slightly caramelized onions and anchovies. Oh! Let’s not forget the olives! I suggest you make this for your date, hence solving the bad breath issue.

A pissaladière is made in the South of France (around Nice, Marseille, Toulon) and is also made in Liguria, Italy. In Liguria they call it a piscialandrea. In the South of France it is typically made without cheese. Around the corner in San Remo, Italy it is made with mozzarella. I’ve luckily had the chance to try one in France and in Italy. I’m stoked that now I know how to make one. Thank you, Dorie.
This is me back when I lived in the South of France. I’m not sure if I blinked or was trying to look sultry for the photo. Yes, I am wearing white Keds and why is my jacket thrown on the road?
Dorie mentions in the recipe use good-quality anchovies. I happened to have in my fridge AMAZING quality anchovies that I brought back from Italy this summer. They are from Sciacca, Sicily, which is not too far from where my dad is from. I have never found anchovies like this here in Florida. My brother tried to buy some that seemed similar online, but they just weren’t the same. I’m sure it is the salt from the Mediterranean Sea that makes these anchovies so flavorful.

Here is Portofino. One of the most magical places in the world.
I had some Italian friends over last night and thought this would be perfect for an easy dinner. I also made pasta e ceci for the kids. My friends really loved the pissaladiere and so did Fabrizio.
The dough is wonderful and I would happily eat it without any topping. Seriously…how boring is it to hear me blab about the dough. I’m even putting myself to sleep. I’d rather be making Halloween pictures with the kids or watching Halloweentown with them for the 100th time. I love Halloween!

I loved it so much I made another one tonight with just a quick tomato sauce and sautéed organic spinach with garlic.
French Fridays with Dorie is a super cool group that tries a different recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s best-selling book (I honestly love this book), Around my French Table. The group doesn’t share recipes. We encourages others to buy the book and join the fun!

Thank goodness I remembered to check the schedule and see what was cooking this week. And when I checked I skipped over this week’s recipe and went right to the Pissaladière! Well, I’m ready a whole week ahead of time;)  You can join the fun here!

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