Honey Girl Organics Giveaway!!

Every spring my friends go to Hawaii to surf and relax. They keep me posted on their daily activities with videos and photos. The images bring me to tears because it seems like they are in the most beautiful place in the world! Hawaii=Paradise!

I dream about one day going to visit. They usually bring me back chocolate covered macadamia nuts . They are absolutely wonderful! This March they brought me back something I wasn’t expecting: creams from Honey Girl Organics. I am very careful about what kind of creams I use. I have sensitive skin and allergies. I’ve had allergies from “the best” soaps and creams that are all organic. I was weary to try the soaps and creams out, but my friend was raving how they were made with honey and were all natural. The first two nights I tried the facial scrub and the eye and face cream for sensitive skin. The 3rd day I was talking to my neighbor in the harsh Florida afternoon sun. While we were talking she stopped and asked me,  “What are you doing differently? Are you using a new cream? Did you get a facial?” Maybe she thinks I had botox?Winking smile

I think the scrub is my favorite! The products are all natural you can even eat them!Winking smile I especially love supporting a family run business that is making all organic/cruelty-free products.. They make all the products with their own honey. Pretty amazing.

Look at these VIEWS! These photos were all taken by my friends this year in Hawaii. I think if you close your eyes a minute, you may even smell that salty ocean air. hawaiianview
turtle bradsurfing
That’s my friend Brad doing his thing on the right. He surfs with a camera on his board!

Read about Honey Girl: “Honey Girl Organics offers a line of organic, natural skin care products from Hawaii. These creams, toners, and balms are hand made from various blends of nature’s finest anti-aging ingredients. The combinations work together to heal and renew the skin, giving you a fresh, youthful appearance. Our products are simple and pure, made from organic ingredients harvested from their beehives on the North Shore of Oahu. They contain organic raw honey, beeswax, propolis, and bee pollen, along with organic extra virgin olive oil. Some of their organic skincare products also include purified water and different blends of essential oils to give them a pleasing fragrance and additional healing properties. “

You can visit their website to learn more about their amazing products! There is even a video here on this page that shows how they get the honey from their own bees in Hawaii.


On to the giveaway!!
We can’t offer you a trip to Hawaii…but we can offer three, yes THREE lucky winners a choice of their own Honey Girl Organic product from Honey Girl Organic’s website. Three lucky winners will get to choose one product each from their list of FABULOUS organic products.

Here’s all you have to do!Smile

*Leave a comment saying Aloha to Honey Girl Organics!SmileTell us where your dream vacation is! Mine is visiting HAWAII!!

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The THREE lucky winners will be chosen randomly on Tuesday, 5/31/11. We will contact you with information on how to choose your prize!Smile

Eight chances to WIN!!!

Come on! Say Aloha! Say Ciao! Don’t be shy! You will love this line!

*If you have skin sensitivities, please consult with your doctor before participating in this giveaway.

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