Let them eat cake! That’s what I say!

by cakeduchess on July 4, 2010 · 1 comment

I recently started a food blog and I found myself posting mostly desserts. I thought these lovely recipes deserved a place all for themselves. I never thought I would be baking as much as I am. I am not a professional baker. I’m a mom-baker. I have two kids and they both have a fierce sweet tooth. I  get really annoyed with all the processed crap that is out there. I try to buy as many organic snacks as possible. But they can be so expensive. So I bake. And I bake often.
I have always been surrounded by talented bakers. When I was a little girl, I had a dear great-aunt. Her name was Mariskaneni. I had a hard time pronouncing her name so I decided at three to call her Sweetie (or as she said, Sveedy). Mariskaneni was from Hungary and that woman could BAKE. I remember going to her house (she lived next door to us)and hearing her mixer whirling. It was whirling often. I remember smelling the amazing smells of her Hungarian desserts. She made Dobos Torta, Pogacsa (not officially a dessert, but they smelled good!), Kipfli, Szilvas Gomboc (my favorite!), Piskota Torta, Almas Pite, and Palacsinta (just to name a few!). She was the Cake Queen! My mom was the other Cake Queen. She made all the amazing American birthday cakes for us. All the special holiday cakes (the Bunny Cake!). She is from Hungary, and she managed to master Italian desserts while being married to my Sicilian father. Mom is still making some killer cakes. Then there is my husband who is an Executive Chef and was trained in pastry making in Italy. On his rare days off I sometimes get him to show me some new dessert idea. Like the other day he made with me some Apple Pastries. I love apple desserts so you will see a plethora of them in this little blog. 
Here I am with Mariskaneni, Lalibacsi, my mom and bro. Her Dobos Torta! Yum! And look, she sewed us matching red outfits! I want that little dotted dress!

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