Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake

April 13, 2015
chocolate espresso layer cake | cakeduchess

Where there is a special occasion around here, you can bet there will be a at least 2 different cakes. If it’s one of the kids’ birthday (when I say kids, I mean even neighbor’s kids), there is a request for a layer cake. If it is one of the adults birthdays, most likely, it […]

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Maple Soy Glazed Spring Carrots #bloggersCLUE

April 8, 2015
maple soy glzed carrots | cakeduchess

  Carrots so sweet and tender, they almost could be mistaken for candy! Did I say candy? Yes, even after all the candy we had around here during Easter, I was craving a different and sweet way to show off gorgeous spring carrots. Craving spring sweetness? You’ll love these maple soy glazed carrots. I recently […]

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Casatiello – #TwelveLoaves

April 7, 2015
casatiello | cakeduchess

As with any holiday, I find an excuse to bake an Italian bread. My other goal during the holidays is to find the time to take a few photos of what I created and capture the bread moment to share here with all of you, like this wonderful bread called casatiello. Growing up in an […]

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Raspberry-Ricotta Cake

March 30, 2015
raspberry ricotta cake | cakeduchess

 I’m not sure what is going on, but I can’t stop baking with berries. Maybe because we are in the middle of berry season here in Florida, and they are so lovely and irresistible. Sort of like this raspberry-ricotta cake: I’d describe it basically as lovely and irresistible. And there are so many ways to […]

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Savoring Italy's Journey Continues…on Cake Duchess!

March 26, 2015

  Hello, everyone! I have been blogging here on Savoring Italy for just about one year now and it is has been an amazing journey! Many of you have followed along my posts, my tweets and my podcasts! I have enjoyed creating content here for all of my readers and listeners. Italy is my passion […]

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Lemon Bars

March 23, 2015
lemon bars | cakeduchess

Spring has sprung! At least it has in some parts of the world! If you are not so fortunate to experience temps in the 70′s, it’s time for some brightness from these very spring-y Lemon Bars!  I don’t know what it is about bars, but they’re so pretty and so lovely to have at any […]

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Sicilian Ricotta Pie- For Pi(e) Day!

March 14, 2015
Sicilian ricotta pie | cakeduchess

Have you ever heard about Pi Day? Pi Day is celebrated around the world on March 14th and every year I want to bake a PIE! This year I got my act together in time and made this Sicilian Ricotta Pie! It’s been a few years since I’ve sat in a math class, but I […]

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Cheddar Scallion Potato Buns #bloggersCLUE

March 11, 2015
cheddar scallion potato buns | cakeduchess

I recently had the chance to go on a sort of scavenger hunt on a blog I’m very familiar with (and you may be also!!). How did these gorgeous cheddar scallion buns come about and what does it have to do with bloggers C.L.U.E?  I was searching for something with potatoes and I found it!  […]

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Lentil Soup with Caramelized Onions

March 9, 2015
lentil soup with caramelized onions | cakeduchess

What have you been up to lately? I know many of you are still facing not so pretty winter conditions and I think you could use a bowl of lentil soup with a nice topping of caramelized onions. You could probably use a little more than a bowl of hot soup, but I think this […]

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Pane di Pasqua-Italian Easter Bread- #TwelveLoaves

March 3, 2015
Italian Easter Bread- Pane di Pasqua | Cake Duchess

It seems to never fail that when I’m finally over the shock of a new year beginning, it is already time to plan for Easter and to bake some Italian Easter Bread (pane di pasqua). And when I say plan, it’s usually all about our baking production!! I couldn’t wait to tackle this lovely Italian […]

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