Cranberry Meringue Pie

January 26, 2015
cranberry meringue pie | cakeduchess

This cranberry meringue pie post has been a long time in the making. What is going on in the blogging world? You may think, ‘It’s just a pie!”. But it’s not really: JUST A PIE! It’s an incredible pie and it’s a memorable pie. I won’t lie, it is time consuming to make! If you […]

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Kale and Red Onion Pizza

January 12, 2015
kale and red onion pizza | cakeduchess

I know that it is a New Year and there are lots of resolutions floating around and most of them are involving a diet of some sort. Could a Kale and Red Onion Pizza fit into your new diet? Possibly! This pizza is vegan, vegetarian and I  can even say it involves some whole-wheat flour! […]

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Sweet Pretzels- #TwelveLoaves

January 6, 2015
Sweet Pretzels | Cake Duchess

Pretzels! Yes, that is what I’ve had on my mind recently. To be more precise, these lovely sweet pretzels. Thinking about baking fluffy and soft sweet pretzels was a wonderful diversion and a way to wind down after all the holiday chaos. It is had to believe another year has flown by and I have […]

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Basic Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe

December 23, 2014
basic sugar cookie dough recipe | cakeduchess

  This is the basic sugar cookie dough recipe that we use every Christmas. It is a reliable sugar cookie dough and it is so easy to put together! I try to make something different every year, but this recipe is the first one that gets baked as soon as it’s December 1st! I have […]

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Gift Guide for the Italy Lover

December 13, 2014
Gift Guide for the Italy Lover | Cake Duchess

I know so many people that are just madly and passionately in LOVE with Italy. Some of them might say they are slightly Italy Obsessed. There is nothing wrong with that! Really, it is totally fine to be smitten with one of the most beautiful places in the world! I try to spend as much […]

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St. Lucy Saffron Buns

December 13, 2014
Saffron Buns | Cake Duchess

I baked these gorgeous Saffron Buns for St. Lucy Day, which is today! Saint Lucia (or Saint Lucy) is a symbol of hope and light in dark times. Find out about her story  here . In Sweden, St. Lucia marks the beginning of the Christmas season and it all starts with a young girl crowned […]

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A Very Easy Turkey Pot Pie

December 8, 2014
turkey pot pie | cakeduchess

Every year after Thanksgiving, I remind myself to make a turkey pot pie. I always dream of saving some of the turkey and making something completely different and delightful with it. I usually heat up whatever leftovers there are and serve with the leftover sides. On occasion, I have had enough leftover to dice and […]

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Stollen Wreath – #TwelveLoaves

December 2, 2014

It happens every year. It just sneaks up on me. This whole holiday madness. I swear after Halloween, every thing else becomes a blur until it’s January 1st. It’s so nice to relax and bake a gorgeous bread like this stollen wreath!! I have a list of things I want to bake for the holidays. […]

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easy pie crust recipe and some of my favorite pies

December 1, 2014
easy pie crust recipe | cakeduchess

This may not be the most exciting of posts, but it is a useful post if you are planning on baking a pie with your very own homemade pie crust. I think everyone should bake their own homemade pie crusts!! This is a pie dough recipe that I love and has always worked for me. […]

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pumpkin-coconut pie

November 26, 2014
pumpkin coconut pie | cakeduchess

I really have a thing for pumpkin pie. It happens to be my favorite pie at Thanksgiving. I do have a soft spot for apple pies and I will not turn down a slice of pecan pie. But there is something about a pumpkin pie! I know many of you have been busy all week […]

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