Lemon Bars

March 23, 2015
lemon bars | cakeduchess

Spring has sprung! At least it has in some parts of the world! If you are not so fortunate to experience temps in the 70′s, it’s time for some brightness from these very spring-y Lemon Bars!  I don’t know what it is about bars, but they’re so pretty and so lovely to have at any […]

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Sicilian Ricotta Pie- For Pi(e) Day!

March 14, 2015
Sicilian ricotta pie | cakeduchess

Have you ever heard about Pi Day? Pi Day is celebrated around the world on March 14th and every year I want to bake a PIE! This year I got my act together in time and made this Sicilian Ricotta Pie! It’s been a few years since I’ve sat in a math class, but I […]

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Cheddar Scallion Potato Buns #bloggersCLUE

March 11, 2015
cheddar scallion potato buns | cakeduchess

I recently had the chance to go on a sort of scavenger hunt on a blog I’m very familiar with (and you may be also!!). How did these gorgeous cheddar scallion buns come about and what does it have to do with bloggers C.L.U.E?  I was searching for something with potatoes and I found it!  […]

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Lentil Soup with Caramelized Onions

March 9, 2015
lentil soup with caramelized onions | cakeduchess

What have you been up to lately? I know many of you are still facing not so pretty winter conditions and I think you could use a bowl of lentil soup with a nice topping of caramelized onions. You could probably use a little more than a bowl of hot soup, but I think this […]

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Pane di Pasqua-Italian Easter Bread- #TwelveLoaves

March 3, 2015
Italian Easter Bread- Pane di Pasqua | Cake Duchess

It seems to never fail that when I’m finally over the shock of a new year beginning, it is already time to plan for Easter and to bake some Italian Easter Bread (pane di pasqua). And when I say plan, it’s usually all about our baking production!! I couldn’t wait to tackle this lovely Italian […]

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Nutella Swirl Bundt Cake

February 23, 2015
nutella swirl bundt cake | Cake Duchess

Chocolate is not a flavor I feature here too, too often. Maybe because I do secretly love chocolate. I do love this Nutella Swirl Bundt Cake very, very much! So when you secretly love something you have to stay away from it as much as you can. Avoid it like the plague. Run in the […]

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Skillet Lasagna Bolognese

February 17, 2015
skillet lasagna bolognese-cakeduchess

The longer I sit on a post, the longer it never gets published.  What did it take to publish this sensational skillet lasagna Bolognese. Apparently, a lot!! I cook every night for my kids. Can I tell you how often I make a pasta dish? Very often. There aren’t too many pasta dishes that create […]

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No-Knead Olive Bread – #TwelveLoaves

February 3, 2015
no knead olive bread | cakeduchess

It has been on my mind for a while. This simple and incredible, no-knead olive bread. I couldn’t stop thinking about making this bread. This no-knead olive bread was in my thoughts for days and weeks and it was just a problem of finding the time to put it together. Really, that is the only […]

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Cranberry Meringue Pie

January 26, 2015
cranberry meringue pie | cakeduchess

This cranberry meringue pie post has been a long time in the making. What is going on in the blogging world? You may think, ‘It’s just a pie!”. But it’s not really: JUST A PIE! It’s an incredible pie and it’s a memorable pie. I won’t lie, it is time consuming to make! If you […]

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Kale and Red Onion Pizza

January 12, 2015
kale and red onion pizza | cakeduchess

I know that it is a New Year and there are lots of resolutions floating around and most of them are involving a diet of some sort. Could a Kale and Red Onion Pizza fit into your new diet? Possibly! This pizza is vegan, vegetarian and I  can even say it involves some whole-wheat flour! […]

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